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Kids Are Tops Sports Center Our History & Philosophy

When it comes to sports and exercise for kids, there really is no other choice than the Kids Are Tops Sports Center, located in Centerville, Ohio.

Gary Gantz founded our facility in 1982, to help children of all experience levels improve their athletic skills, gain self-confidence and have fun in the process. Over time, he has watched it grow into the current 40,000 square-foot facility that helps thousands of students on a weekly basis.

Gantz custom-designed the current fitness center to help kids learn and grow in their athletic endeavors, such as gymnastics, swimming, dance, tumbling, and more! We also offer a fun and unique place to host birthday parties and special events.

Centerville Gymnastics classes

Although no experience is necessary to take part in a sport of your choosing, Kids Are Tops does help train some of the elite gymnastics athletes (both boys and girls) in the area. The students who have chosen the path to competitive gymnastics have graduated many of our gymnasts off to TOP colleges with full scholarships. We have enjoyed watching these fine athletes become parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, gym owners and everything else that allows these talented and determined individuals to use the tools and talents they acquired at our facility.

Our staff is trained on proper technique, drills and progressions to help young athletes grow their skills in a safe and rewarding manner. Each student receives outstanding instruction from teachers who are experienced, trained, background-checked and focused upon their individual goals. It is this commitment to excellence that has allowed Kids Are Tops to be recognized as one of the top gyms in the country.

The Kids Are Tops Mission

Our mission and commitment to our youth is focused upon learning to develop happy, healthy and reasonable children – teaching them how to learn and accept challenges. We teach our athletes to understand and value others' differences, while becoming friends and mentors to all those who pass through our doors. In doing so, we strive to instill self-confidence and a sense of pride in working to achieve their goals – all by teaching them to master and refine their skills in a safe environment.

Our Unifying Principles
Unifying principles identify the values of an organization and
provide a framework for employee action.
Maintain unconditional respect to our clients and coworkers.
Share a strong foundation of trust by starting with our own trustworthiness.
Working together to achieve a common goal.
Communicating positively, openly and freely.
Promoting personal and professional growth through lifelong learning.
As our clients and employees depend upon the Company for their growth, recreation and livelihood, employees must always respect, defend and protect the Company's principles, profits, image and security.
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Our Teaching Principles
  1. Keep The Kids Safe:This is done through vigilance, awareness and safe training methods.
  2. Unconditional Respect:We offer and insist upon unconditional respect between teacher and student. Humiliating, embarrassing, demeaning or hurtful behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  3. Be Enthusiastic:It shows you care and inspires others to care.
  4. Clearly Communicate Expectations: Tell the kids what you expect of them.
  5. Catch The Kids Doing Things Right:Focus on things gone right rather than things gone wrong.
  6. Offer Daily Challenges:Going past perceived limitations is the only way to stretch and grow.
  7. Offer Daily Successes: "Sense of accomplishment" is one of the most powerful motivators to "try again when the going gets tough."
  8. Perpetual Motion:Kids learn by doing, not by sitting or standing in line.
  9. Discipline With Natural Consequences: The natural (and unpleasant) consequences of a poor decision should form the basis of our discipline, not "punishment."
  10. Creativity, Variety, Fun:Kids (and adults too, for that matter) learn best when there is an element of fun built into the training environment.
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